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World’s first cloud based Garment software and apparel ERP software solution for fashion industries to manage entire Garment and Fashion buying house software needs
Askjugadu is an unique platform to share the knowledge of technology and ask the questions from the industry and domain experts in programming , health , GIS and Remote Sensing Technology. Responsive questions and answer website for technology.
Blockchain needs no mention today, and the types of cryptocurrencies it offers are waving the path for a variety of virtual currencies to be mainstream.
CentOS is a Linux distribution that provides a free computing platform functionally compatible with its upstream source. Linux has added more to it.
The Internal Revenue Services (IRS) refers to a 1099 form as an information returns, the 1099 form is a series of documents.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 specification, release date, price and everything you should know about. Read here to learn more about Samsung Galaxy Tab S4.
Kelly Technologies has mainly come up with the main aim to deliver the Best UiPath Training Classes in Hyderabad to all the intended audience who wants to make a career in trending technology. RPA Certification is delivered to the aspirants at the end of UiPath Course in Hyderabad that puts you in great demand and helps to acquire the best job in top-notch companies. Attend Free Demo on UiPath to
GPA Calculator one of the best and beneficial calculator it calculating a GPA. GPA calculator would be your very best and easily used.GPA calculator takes the uncertainty off from the method and can provide you with access directly to your overall standard providing you've got the items of information it has to calculate it.
For canon, wireless printer setup, press the WPS button on your canon wireless printer and hold it for around 10 seconds. Once the orange light flashes on your canon wireless printer, release the button. Now press the WPS button on your wireless router and hold it for few seconds. Now your canon printer setup will be completed.
Brother Printer Support offers complete services for Printer such as driver installation; setup & configuration etc.If you face a technical issue then contact Office customer support team. The technicians working 24*7 will be glad to assist you.
Around some residential or commercial properties Mosquitoes are a substantial issue. While spending quality time with your household, either delighting in the swimming pool or a barbeque, Mosquitoes could make these experiences miserable. Numerous entertainment activities have been wrecked by the continuous aggravation and irritability triggered by these attacking insects. Insects could pick up c
Artificial Intelligence is a domain of computer science, with the help of Artificial Intelligence you can develop the intelligent machines that work and react like humans. Read here to learn more about the technology and the trends of AI.
As technology evolves, the policy environment must also keep pace with it so that all citizens get secure access in an ever-changing environment. This is key to a sustained, rapid socio-economic growth of the country. Toward this goal, the government has been regularly bringing changes in telecom policies.

The crux of the policy is to have broadband for all. As such, India has touched only 30 percent broadband penetration, and that too on mobile, 70 percent of the growth still remained to be tapped. This 70 percent growth ahead of us is what makes the government fairly confident

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